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Hawaii Newborn Photo

Happy Aloha Friday!!!

I know I have been pretty MIA on this blog lately.  Life has been just sooooooo incredibly busy and hectic in manyView full post »

Koalas and Roos

Almost 2 weeks ago to this day, we were in Oz playing with Koalas and Kangaroos…reminiscing about our fabulous time inView full post »

Ta Prohm

Quote of the Day

Please excuse my absence on my blog…I’ve been away on my honeymoon, visiting amazing destinations in thisView full post »

Hawaii Photo

How Juicy is Your Juice?

Soooooo I’ve been wanting to try juicing.  My younger sister recently turned me on to juicing…however, I still needView full post »

Hawaii Newborn Photo

I “Stamp” My Heart Out

Some people have asked or wondered why I “stamp” my logo all over the people in my images.  They ask why don’tView full post »

What I’m Watching

It’s been sooooooo cold lately…and just in case you’re wondering, it’s been in the high 60s/low 70s.  HahaView full post »

Sunflowers Waialua Hawaii

Busy as a Bee!!!

I’m so sorry for the lack of blog posts lately, but I’ve been busy as a bee and working my little behind offView full post »

Freedom Writers

The other night I was doing oodles of laundry…the story of my life since we now have such a teeny, tiny washingView full post »

Lazy Lima Bean I Am

Yes people I can be a LAZY LIMA BEAN!!!  One of the best ideas EVER is the DRIVE-THRU WINDOW!!!  There are just someView full post »

An Olympic Champion

This past Wednesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate with Hawaii’s very own Olympic Champion, ClarissaView full post »

Going Back

Do you ever get the urge to go back to school?!?!   Most times I don’t, because when I think about attending classesView full post »


I don’t know who’s brilliant idea was or who creates these cards, but I SEE them EVERYWHERE!!!  SomeView full post »

Bucket List: Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan

I haven’t done a “Bucket List” destination in a while so I decided to do one today.  There are soooooooooo manyView full post »

XXX Summer Olympics

I wish I could tell you that I was on a plane headed to London, England for the XXX Summer Olympics.  Unfortunately, IView full post »