I “Stamp” My Heart Out

Some people have asked or wondered why I “stamp” my logo all over the people in my images.  They ask why don’t you stamp it off to the side or some place less distracting then right smack dab on the people in my images.  Others have asked me about the monkey on my logo—commenting that he is distracting and do I want to think of a different logo that is less distracting.  My answer is a sweet and simple “no.”

First, my monkey is my logo and people have started to recognize my monkey and associate him with my work.  They may not know how to pronounce my last name but they know that if they see him then the image belongs to me.  Second, he’s my logo and I LOVE him.  He was created especially for me by my sister, Lee Ann.  Third, I LOVE monkeys, which is why a monkey is a part of my logo.

In regards to why I stamp my logo all over the people in my images…well that’s to protect my images and protect my clients.  It’s unfortunate, but I am sad to say that there is a TON of dishonest people in the photography industry.  Due to the digital era, the photography industry has seen a BOOM in growth.  Everyone and their mamas are photographers=dishonest people who “steal” other photographers images and claim them as their own.  They download the images from online, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. then they edit out other photographer’s logos and they stamp their own logo onto the images.  Then they promote themselves using other photographer’s work.  OH YES, people, this really does happen and it happens A LOT…it’s sad, sad, sad.

So you see if I stamp my logo smack dab on the people in my images, it’s much harder to edit out my logo.  Aaaaand if you noticed, I strategically place my logo on areas that would be more difficult to edit out my logo…areas on an image with lots of lines—straight, curved, intersecting, etc. so that if you tried to edit out my logo, you would have to fix all of those lines too.  My little monkey, well he’s just a bonus to making the editing out my logo more challenging…he’s just one more thing you would have to edit out.

Other photographers may not worry as much about copyright infringement and theft, but I do…and I am not only worrying for my work and me.  I worry for the sake of my clients.  They are more than generous to grant me permission to share my work of them with the world by putting it online.  I don’t need people stealing images of them too.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for taking the time to understand my reasoning for being “stamp” happy with my logo.  I will get off my soapbox now.  Have a great evening!!!  XOXO!!!


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