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Please excuse my absence on my blog…I’ve been away on my honeymoon, visiting amazing destinations in this great big world of ours.  My intention was to keep up with the blog while I was away, however, time was just not on my side.  My calendar for May was full in many ways and I just couldn’t get my blog posts ready before we departed.  I then intended to work and write blog posts while we were away so I toted my laptop along on our trip.  While we were away I changed my mind and decided to forget about work.  Instead, I chose to enjoy this precious time with my new hubby.  We had loads of fun making new memories, trying new foods, seeing breath-taking sights, shopping and just enjoying each other’s company.  I love seeing the world with Brent.  Here’s to many more journeys together…XOXO!!!

Ta Prohm

Lee Ann - June 13, 2013 - 8:28 am

Hahaha, you quoted yourself! You are so funny. And so Mindy.

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