Freedom Writers

The other night I was doing oodles of laundry…the story of my life since we now have such a teeny, tiny washing machine and dryer.  One “regular” load of laundry is now two loads of laundry for me = more time spent doing laundry.  To make matters worse, the knob on my washing machine is also broken so it constantly comes off.  I have to put it on to push the knob in and I have to take it off to pull the knob out…which can be quite irritating.

Anyways, to help time pass as I was doing laundry, I decided to watch Freedom Writers, an inspirational movie that is based on the life of a teacher, Erin Gruwell and her students aka “Freedom Writers.”  I won’t go into details about the movie, but I must say that watching inspirational movies about people who dedicate their lives to our youth always moves me.  Always.  Being a former educator, well somewhat former since I still substitute teach regularly, I am drawn to these stories.  These teachers and their students inspire me.  I find it so fascinating that one person can make such a HUGE difference in the life of a child.  I know firsthand how challenging teaching can be and how challenging the lives are for many of our youth.  It breaks my heart to hear about the events that occur in their lives, the sorrow, the neglect, the trials and tribulations…and yet if they find just one person, such as a teacher, who really and truly cares for them, it can make ALL the difference in the world.

This film reminded me of what a special job teaching is and I just wanted to say, “Thank you” to all of our educators out there who dedicate their lives, hearts and souls to our youth.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring.  It is because of people like you, that many of our youth will find the strength, courage and hope to persevere in life.  Thank you!!!


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