How Juicy is Your Juice?

Soooooo I’ve been wanting to try juicing.  My younger sister recently turned me on to juicing…however, I still need to go out and buy a juicer…and find juice recipes…and buy the ingredients…and LOL make the juice!!!  Haha…can you say procrastination at its best.  Aiya!!!  I really need to get on it!!! I want to eat clean…and I figured juicing is a great way to start.  The two juices that my sister made me were yummy enough to drink and I felt good after drinking them…now to just get my behind out the door to buy that juicer LOL!!!

I “want” to do many things to get my health in check and just be healthy, good to my body, etc.  The KEY word being “want.”  My actions probably appear to say something different.  I am so amazed and inspired by the people who are so healthy and they actually “do it.”  They make it a point to eat healthy and stick to it…I’m still working on it…what can I say?!?!  I LOVE great-tasting food and desserts are my weakness…my nemesis…oh how I could so eat a cupcake right now.  Haha!!!

If you juice and have any delicious recipes to share, I would love to hear about them!!!  Feel free to share in my comments section or email me at:  Thank you and Happy Aloha Friday!!!

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