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Sneak Peek: “Y” Family | Hawaii Family Photographer

Here is a sneak peak of the family photo session I had today…aren’t they such cuties!?!?!View full post »

Day Three: Giving Thanks

Life got the best of me these past few days so this blog post of giving thanks will be a combined post.  I had intendedView full post »

Happy Thanksgiving

So life has been hectic the last couple of days.  It’s Thanksgiving today.  There is much to be grateful for in myView full post »

Day Two: Giving Thanks

The next two people I am extremely grateful for in my life are my two sisters, Lee Ann and Kristie.  I know that noView full post »

Day One: Giving Thanks

Since this week is the week of Thanksgiving, I am going to spend my week sharing what I am thankful for in my life. View full post »

Newborn: Paityn | Hawaii Newborn Photographer

Paityn has made her debut into the world!!!  She was almost a whopping 8 lbs.  Look at her chubby-wubby cheeks!!! View full post »


Busy, Busy, Busy

Life has been busy for me in many ways.  I have a number of photography sessions this month…yay!!!  A number ofView full post »

Hawaii Family Photo

Sneak Peek: “FMS” Family | Hawaii Family Photographer

Here is a sneak peek from the family session that I had this past weekend!!! Check back soon for a full blog post!!!View full post »

Cinque Terre Lemons

Bombarded by Lemons

So that last few weeks have been a little trying for me.  Life has handed me, no bombarded me with lemons.  I haveView full post »

Sneak Peek: Paityn | Hawaii Newborn Photographer

Yesterday I was fortunate to photograph another newborn!!!  This is how I spent my day… Check back soon for a fullView full post »

Happy Veterans’ Day

I just want to say thank you to all the men and women who dedicate or have dedicated their lives to keeping our countryView full post »

Hawaii Newborn Photo

Newborn: Kamakolu | Hawaii Newborn Photographer

After watching the birth of Kamakolu, I of course had to photograph him as a newborn!!!  I had to wait a bit, becauseView full post »

Hawaii Newborn Photo

Maternity: The Birth of Kamakolu | Hawaii Newborn Photographer

So for the longest time I’ve always wanted to witness a live birth.  Earlier this year I got the chance to do justView full post »

Hawaii Maternity Photo

Sneak Peek: The Birth of Kamakolu | Hawaii Newborn Photographer

Here is one image to hold you over until Tuesday’s full blog post about the birth of Kamakolu.View full post »

Hawaii Mindy Metivier Photography

Happy Aloha Friday!!!

So it’s after 1 a.m. on Friday morning.  I must go to sleep because I sub today.  I was going to write about anotherView full post »