Lazy Lima Bean I Am

Yes people I can be a LAZY LIMA BEAN!!!  One of the best ideas EVER is the DRIVE-THRU WINDOW!!!  There are just some days when doing my errands is that much easier, quicker and more convenient when there is a drive-thru window.  I know, I know some of you are thinking that I am soooooooooooo incredibly lazy, but it is what it is and what can say?!?!  Drive-thru windows were created for people like me.  Hahahaha!!!

There aren’t many places with drive-thru windows besides fast-food joints, but I noticed that they’re starting to pop up elsewhere and for other types of buisnesses.  For example, I LOVE the drive-thru window pharmacies!!!  How convenient it is to just drive up, drop-off/pick-up my prescription?!?!  LOVE it!!!  And if you have to wait for your prescription you can do so in the comfort of your car.

Another drive-thru that I love…BANKS!!!  One thing I hate doing is waiting in that long line at the bank!!!  Now I can wait in line at a drive-thru…and guess what?!?!  The drive-thru line is usually shorter than the one in the bank…and can often be faster 🙂

I’m waiting for them to create a drive-thru Jamba Juice…hey Starbucks have some, why can’t Jamba Juice?!?!  And I’m waiting for a drive-thru Post Office.  Now how wonderful would that be to drive up to a window, unload your boxes straight from your car into the drive-thru window/door, pay your postage and be on your merry way!!!

Yes, people I’m a lazy lima bean LOL!!!

PS-I’m dying for one of these drive-thrus to come to Hawaii 🙂


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