We Finally Have One in Hawaii!!!

On Saturday, April 30th I received the following email/image.  I CANNOT BELIEVE it!!!  We are FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY getting a Bath & Bodyworks store in Hawaii!!!  I am ecstatic, because I LOVE Bath & Bodyworks!!!!  I love the smells, the shower gels, the lotions, etc.   When I visit the mainland USA, it is one of my favorite stores to visit.  I also bring everyone omiyage (little presents) from Bath & Bodyworks!!!  It has been getting more and more difficult to bring home Bath & Bodyworks due to the fact that almost all of the its products are liquid and they’re heavy.  The liquid factor means I cannot hand-carry the products like I used too, but shoving it all in my suitcase means I will go over the weight limit and have to pay additional fees.  However, I still managed to get products home for omiyage…and now I don’t know what I will bring home for omiyage!!!  Haha!!!  Nevertheless, I am still SUPER EXCITED that we will finally have a Bath & Bodyworks in Hawaii!!!  I can’t wait to go and check it out!!!  They open their doors and make their debut today, Monday, May 2nd!!!  Happy shopping to all my other Bath & Bodyworks fans!!!




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