Tsunami Update

It’s been a few days since the horrific earthquake and tsunami hit Japan and since Hawaii had their tsunami scare.  Japan’s devastation is tragic and heartbreaking.  I know many of us have watched the coverage on TV and via the Internet.  It was horrific to watch whole towns being washed away by the power of Mother Nature.  It is devastating to hear about how many people have lost their lives and family members in this tragedy.  They are also battling nuclear plant issues, radiation and a volcano erupting on the southern island of Kyushu.  It feels like it’s never-ending right now for their country.

I have attached a few links below that have struck me.   My heart and prayers go out to the people of Japan.

On Saturday I helped my grandmother call her sister in Japan.  I am relieved to report that her sister and the rest of our family is doing fine in Japan.  They live on the same island that the earthquake and tsunami hit.  Fortunately for them they live further south so they barely felt the earthquake and were unaffected physically by the tsunami.  I have more family from my paternal side that lives in another part of Japan.  They also don’t live in the affected areas, but they do live near the ocean.  I have not heard whether or not the tsunami or the earthquake affected them.  I am hoping that they too are okay.

Here in Hawaii there was damage to some parts of the Hawaiian Islands.  Maui and the Big Island got the brunt of the damage.  Due to ample warning time I believe no lives were lost in Hawaii.  Tsunami damage happened to homes, harbors, boats, businesses and roadways.  Mother Nature was somewhat gentle to our islands and I am grateful that in general everyone is okay.

I know that times are hard, especially due to the rough economy our country has endured these past few years but if you are able to, please donate to people and country of Japan.  I cannot imagine what it must be like to go to work one day and then have your life torn apart and you have nothing left except for the clothes on your back.  The people and the country are going to have to rebuild.  A lot.  So if possible, please help the people and their country by donating to their cause.  I pray for a speedy recovery for Japan and its people.

American Red Cross


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