Look Who Turned 4!!! | Hawaii Children Photographer

Back in January when my photography business was just a dream rather than a reality, my good friend Robyn asked me if she could hire me to document her daughter, Shaelyn’s 4th birthday.  And of course I said, “Yes, but you don’t have to pay me!”   Robyn being the good friend that she is refused to hire me unless she could pay me.  I resisted, because after all I didn’t even have a business yet and she was my friend!!!  After months of resistance, she won the battle.  Thank you Robyn and Kevin for allowing me to document a very special day for your family and for supporting me while I build my business.  I truly enjoyed my time with your family and being there in the middle of all those energetic children!!!  It was a fabulous opportunity for me to practice my photography skills!!!  Photographing running, jumping and screaming children is not as easy as it looks!!!

Shaelyn had her birthday party at My Gym, which is a fitness center for children.  Children climbed jungle gyms, bounced on trampolines, buried themselves in balls, swung from uneven bars and other types of swings, ran around like wild animals, screamed and laughed their hearts out.  This birthday party was definitely full of energy…lots of energy!!!  The children also participated in organized activities lead by 2 teachers from My Gym.  They played a bean bag relay, surfing on a tumble drum, clean up the yard, circle run and flew through the air on a zip line.  If you’re interested in having your child’s birthday celebration at My Gym, they are located in Kailua, Hawaii.

Thanks again Robyn, Kevin and Shaelyn!!!  Your love and support means the world to me!!!


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