Vendors: Sweet Love Creates

So in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been mentioning vendors from whom I purchase newborn props.  I LOVE all of my vendors and they are each very, very, very talented in their own ways.  I have my favorite products that I order from each vendor too.   I will admit that today’s vendor is my all-time favorite vendor-SWEET LOVE CREATES!!!  Sweet Love Creates is owned and operated by the AMAZING and VERY TALENTED, Lisa!!!  I love her to death!!!  She is so sweet, generous, creative and fabulous!!!  Her work is seriously amazing!!!  She creates her products from scratch and does not use commercial patterns, which sets her work apart from others, because it’s her very own creative designs.  I adore her work and many of you have seen her work on my newborns!!!

I am grateful to have stumbled across her work sometime last year.  I am grateful that I am getting to know such a sweet person.  I am grateful that I have been fortunate enough to purchase her beautiful products to adorn my newborns in for their precious newborn sessions.

Lisa, thank you for always being so kind and generous with me.  Thank for creating such creative and beautiful products.  Thank you for being anal about your workmanship, because I’m anal too and let me tell you people-her workmanship is perfecto!!!  You can seriously see the time, attention, detail and LOVE that she has put into each and every product.  The consistency in the tension of her stitches is perfecto too!!!  I’ll admit it people, my OCD and anal tendencies make me inspect the products, which I purchase.  If I feel like products are not up to my expectations in workmanship then I will not buy from that vendor again.  After my first purchase from Lisa, I was sold!!!  I’ve never inspected her workmanship again, because well to be honest…I don’t need too.  I know her products and I know her as a vendor.  She is simply that AMAZING.  That TALENTED.  And her work is SUPERB!!!

Check out some of her fabulous creations on my newborns below.

* Please note-Sweet Love Creates is EXTREMELY popular worldwide.  She has almost 13, 000 Facebook fans.  She is EXTREMELY BUSY being a mommy, wife and businesswoman.  Therefore, please don’t bombard her with Facebook questions or emails.  Her online shop is open for a very LIMITED time on Thursdays with “Ready To Ship” Products…and by limited I mean that her products sell out in 2 minutes or less.  She also auctions off a limited amount of products on Sundays via her Facebook page.  To find out more information about how she runs her shop, please CLICK HERE and HERE.  Please read the details before asking her your questions…sorry just had to get that out there, because I feel like so many people ask her the same questions over and over again and she addresses them in her “note” regarding her shop.  Have fun exploring her website!!!


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