Newborn: Hunter | Hawaii Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world Hunter!!!  This little guy was so fun to work with because 1) He was a newborn and I love photographing newborns, 2) I had some new props to use for boys and 3) He was a perfect little model.  He slept long enough for us to try different poses and props.  He just got up in between props and poses to eat and relieve himself…:)  He was a joy to work with and so cooperative!!!  Thank you Hunter!!!

I also had the chance to meet and have wonderful conversations with his big sister Lauren.  She was a hoot to talk too!!!  I love hearing what little kids have to say about life.  Lauren, you were such an awesome model and big sister!!!  I can tell that you really love and enjoy having your brother around!!!  Thank you for being so patient, listening and following directions!!!  I can tell you’re an awesome student in school!!!

Thank you Nicole and Chris for being so patient and helpful during Hunter’s newborn shoot!!!  I enjoyed my morning with you and your family!!!  It was great getting to know you guys better!!!  Thank you to the rest of your family for opening up their home for our photo shoot, being so hospitable and for helping me to pack and unpack all of my supplies!!!  If only I had them around during all of my photo shoots…hee-hee!!!  Thanks again for a wonderful session!!!  Enjoy your images!!!

All the beautiful hats were made by Lisa of Sweet Love Creates!!!  She specializes in newborn photography props and creates beautiful hats/hat sets!!!  I love her work!!!

The beautiful blue and green blanket squares were made by my sister Lee Ann!!!  She doesn’t have any Etsy shop or website yet (hopefully she will soon), but you can check out her blog here at  Shop Dollee!!!  She shares other creations she’s made for me, recipes, sewing projects and good reads!!!
This Baby Pod was also created by my sister Lee Ann aka Shop Dollee!!!

To view more of Hunter’s newborn shoot, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!!!

Lee Ann - February 17, 2011 - 8:22 pm

Awwwww…too cute! Good job Min! I hope I get to meet that little man soon, and that I get to see Lauren again soon.

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