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Honolulu Oahu Hawaii Newborn Photo Mindy Metivier

Scarlette and Mason | Oahu, Hawaii Newborn Twin Photographer

TWINS!!! TWINSIES!!! TWINKIES!!! They’re here!!! Oh Hawaii how I’ve been waiting to meet these two beautiful newbornView full post »

Hawaii Newborn Photo

Newborns: Haylee and James | Hawaii Newborn Twin Photographer

In the fall of last year, I held my second annual Pay it Forward contest.  This past year’s contest was specificallyView full post »

Hawaii Photo

How Juicy is Your Juice?

Soooooo I’ve been wanting to try juicing.  My younger sister recently turned me on to juicing…however, I still needView full post »

Hawaii Twin Newborn Photo

Quote of the Day | Hawaii Newborn Twin Photographer

Hearts entwined
 Twenty fingers, twenty toes,
 two sweet babies with cheeks of rose. Born on the same day, two giftsView full post »

Hawaii Newborn Photo

Newborns: Mika and Trey | Hawaii Newborn Twin Photographer

Meet Mika and Trey.  They are my first pair of newborn twins to ever photograph!!!  I was so excited for their newbornView full post »