Happy Birthday Jen-Girl!!!

Dear Jennifer,

You are my sister from another mister and I love you dearly!!!  My life would definitely not be complete if you were not in it and I know I’ve told you a thousand times, but seriously I don’t know what I would do without you!!!  You are a genuine human being without an evil bone in your body.  You are such a sweet, loving and caring person.  I am eternally grateful to have you in my life and to have you as my best friend.  You have been there for me through thick and thin.  You love me for who I am and I love you for loving me!!!  Thank you for your friendship and your unconditional love and support!!!  Happy birthday my dear friend!!!  I wish you much love, joy, happiness and relaxation on your beautiful day!!!  Love you to the moon and back!!!

Big hugs,


Here’s an image of us a couple of years ago…she was preggos with her 2nd babe…I know we need an updated image of us together…:P  Shame on me!!!


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