Semester at Sea: China, Japan and Seattle

The last leg of my voyage was to Shanghai, China and Osaka, Japan.  While in Hong Kong, I took a flight to Beijing, China because I was going to see the Great Wall!!!  Visiting the Great Wall was definitely on my bucket list and there was no way I was going to China and not see the Great Wall!!!  While in Beijing, I also visited the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square.  One place I didn’t get to visit was the Terra Cotta Warriors.  Many people wanted to go on that field program, therefore there was a lottery to be a part of that field program and I was obviously not picked.  Oh well I guess I have to return to China so that I can see the Terra Cotta Warriors!!!  Oh and I would love to climb the Great Wall when the surrounding mountains are lush and green!!!  So I will be back one day China!!!

When our ship headed to Osaka, Japan it was bittersweet.  We were excited to go to Japan, but we were a little bummed because it was the last country to visit on our voyage.  It was unbelievable how quickly time had passed.  Had we really been to 9 out of the 10 countries already?!?!  Was I just in Africa?!?!  India?!?!  Vietnam?!?!  Did we just sail around the world…on a ship!?!?!  Unbelievable!!!

Japan was what I expected and more!!!  I love visiting Japan!!!  The people are polite and respectful.  The food is to die for yummy!!!  I loved eating FRESH MOCHI!!!  There is nothing like eating mochi when it’s freshly made…it’s so soft and scrumptious!!!  I loved walking around and shopping!!!  I loved Japan and still do!!!  While in Japan, I also visited Hiroshima and it’s Peace Memorial Museum.  I was also very fortunate to tag along with my friend Noelle and her family.  Her grandparents met her in Osaka and I spent the day with them and their extended family who lives in Japan.  They took us to Kyoto.  In Kyoto we ate yummy food, visited the Heian Shrine, Nijo Castle and walked along a street filled with shops and food vendors.  Japan is definitely some place that I want to return too (I know I was just there 3 months ago, but I would return again)!!!

Our very last port was Seattle, Washington in the good ‘ol US of A!!!  Seattle was officially our last stop.  We disembarked the Great White Mother and met up with our families and loved ones.  My mom, grandma and sister Lee Ann flew up to Seattle to meet me.  Our family friends, Uncle Ernie and Aunty Steph lived near by and let us stay at their home for our brief visit.  So they were all there to meet me at the end of my voyage around the world…and what a voyage it was…the memories will last me a lifetime and I feel so very blessed and fortunate to have been able to be a part of such a wonderful, life-changing and eye-opening experience.  I hands down recommend this voyage to anyone and everyone!!!  If I could, I would sign up to be sailing on the next voyage!!!  Don’t worry, I will be back one day Semester at Sea!!!

Thank you for following me on my trip down memory lane of my Semester at Sea voyage…I am planning to do one more blog post to show you a little bit of our life on the ship.  If you’re still interested, check back next week for my final post on Semester at Sea!!!

Happy Aloha Friday!!!

To view more images of my Semester at Sea voyage, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!!!

Lee Ann - January 21, 2011 - 10:57 pm

That picture of you with the Great Wall behind you is one of my favorites!

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