Time Crunch

So I had a blog post all written out for today.  I tried to stay ahead of the game and I prepped the blog post this past weekend.  However, I still have to prep the images to be posted…and those are not ready yet.  Blogging everyday does take time and I have to remember to set aside time each day to get my blog posts done.  I’m following the advice of my online mentor, Jasmine Star, who swears that blogging daily helped her build her business.  I believe her.  She is HUUUUGE and known around the world!!!  I don’t want/need to be known around the world, but I would love for my business to at least be known somewhere on this island…haha!!!  So I blog.  Daily.  I have a ton of business errands to do today and I’m on a time crunch.  So I’m going to take the advice of my online mentor and I’m going to Keep It Real (KIR)…that particular post will have to be postponed and instead I’m posting a short and sweet one today.  Sorry!!!

Please know that I am so grateful for you stopping by!!!  I find out everyday that there are more and more people following my blog, which tickles me because I honestly didn’t know if I would have anyone remotely interested in my blog besides my family…and not even all of them follow my blog!!!  Haha!!!  It’s nice to now that there are some people out there who are interested in my work and my thoughts.  Thank you for the love and support!!!  And don’t be shy…I love hearing from you whether it’s through the blog, the website, email, Facebook, etc.

I needed some images to go along with my post, because let’s face it…a blog post is just that much more interesting when there’s an image to go along with it!!!  I came across these images and I think they fit my post well.  This is definitely how I feel when I run out of time in a day.  There are days where I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day and there are days when I wish my body could just skip sleep.  Unfortunately, none of those are possible…so instead I have this expression on my face during time crunches…haha!!!

Happy Thursday!!!  Tomorrow is Punahou Carnival time!!!!

Dari - February 3, 2011 - 10:22 pm

Give me my raisins NOW!! =)

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