B is for Banana

I took this image while I was doing my shoot for Nikolai.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I love to photograph food, especially fruits and vegetables at open markets or growing in a garden.  There is just something about fruits and vegetables that capture my eye.  These bananas caught my eye while I was wandering around Chinatown with Nikolai.  So while she was doing a quick outfit change, I walked across the street and snapped a few shots.

Taste-wise, I don’t really care for apple bananas.  In my own weird way, I only eat bananas in a particular way.  They have to be regular bananas.  They have to be refrigerator cold.  And they have to be greatly freckled or practically brown.  Yes, I love to eat my bananas when they are overripe and ready to be used to make banana bread…don’t hate!!!  To me, they’re yummier that way.  They have a sweeter taste and are oh so good!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!


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