Newborns: Mika and Trey | Hawaii Newborn Twin Photographer

Meet Mika and Trey.  They are my first pair of newborn twins to ever photograph!!!  I was so excited for their newborn session and I am so grateful that I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph these little beauties!!!

Their mommy is AMAZING!!!  I told her that she had the best TWIN pregnancy ever 🙂  She looked fabulous—from the back you couldn’t even tell that she was pregnant!!!  She was lean and fit looking too!!!  Many times you hear of twins arriving early…not these two!!!  They were so comfy in their mommy that they had to be induced to arrive at 38.5 weeks!!!  Since they arrived at full term and weighed in at full-term weight, we held their newborn session like any other session and I photographed them at 9 days old 🙂

Mika was quite a sleeper.  She didn’t mind being posed as much so I started off my session photographing her by herself.  Then it was Trey’s turn.  He wasn’t as deep of a sleeper, but we still managed to capture images of him by himself too.  Then I photographed them together.  They definitely enjoyed cuddling together and they are so adorable!!!  They make my heart skip a beat…oh how looking at them makes me want twins too 🙂

Thank you to their amazing mommy, Shawna and their daddy, Tyson for gifting me the wonderful opportunity to photograph their newborn twinsies!!!  Thank you to their Mommy and Aunty Sommer for helping me out during their shoot and being an extra pair of hands since there were two babies 🙂  And just in case you’re wondering their Mommy and Aunty are cousins to my BFFs so they didn’t mind being an extra pair of hands for me 🙂  I can’t wait to watch these two little babes grow up!!!  Enjoy your images!!! 🙂

To view more images from Mika and Trey’s session, please click HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW!!!



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