Transitioning to a Blogsite

What have I been up to?!?!  Well since January and February are typically slower months for many photographers, I have been busy with the backend of my business.  Owning my own business means that I wear many hats…I am the photographer and editor of my images…BUT I also have to market my business, be a bookkeeper/accountant, be the prop researcher and buyer, be a prop maker, be the social media connector, be the blogger, be the web designer, etc.  Some of you may be thinking well that’s just crazy why doesn’t she outsource some of these responsibilities?!?!  Well to be honest, if I could afford to then I would…the key word being “afford” and the truth of the matter is that I just can’t afford too…plain and simple.

I would say that one of the most challenging tasks has been to be my own web designer/blogsite maker…why because all of it is overwhelming and confusing.  Luckily, for people like me, there are programs and software that are somewhat user friendly.  These friendly pieces of software allow me to make my own “DIY” websites and blogsites.  Thank goodness!!!  After many hours of reading, visiting other people’s websites and blogsites, watching online tutorials, contacting “help” desks, etc.  I was able to create my own little space in cyberworld…

So a few weeks ago, I finally made the decision to transition my website and blog into a blogsite.  It is the best of both worlds in one spot.  I have spent hours transitioning and revamping my blog so that it now acts as my website too.  I still have my main website, which will be there into the summer…because it is a subscription and it’s already prepaid.  Once my subscription is over, then I will take on the next daunting task of merging my domain names so that my blogsite will now be at and not  Wish me luck and hopefully I can do it successfully and not lose everything…oh the horror of having to rebuild everything again!!!

Okay enough jabbering…take a look around and enjoy my new blogsite!!!


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