Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

So I spent the majority of yesterday focusing and stressing out about my taxes.  I am trying to find a tax accountant and figure out how to fill out my GE tax forms.  People keep telling me that filling out your GE tax forms is an easy task, but it seems rather daunting to me.  I am not a math person nor am I good with numbers.  The whole idea of taxes makes my heart race and I get a little flustered.  Others say that I should learn how to do my taxes myself, but honestly I would rather not since I could go to jail or pay a fine for doing my taxes incorrectly.  I definitely don’t want to be charged with tax evasion…even though it would definitely be done unconsciously, because I would have no idea what I was doing if I were to attempt to do my taxes myself.  Anyways if you know of any tax accountants, please refer their names to me!!!  You can email me at: or just leave their names & numbers in the comment box below.  Thanks I really appreciate your help!!!

“The tax collector must love poor people-he’s creating so many of them.” – Bill Vaughn


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