Goals 2011

I rarely make New Year’s resolutions and I have never recorded a list of goals for myself.  This year I am going to try it…I’ve been inspired by the infamous Jasmine Star who creates a list of goals for herself every year.  Each year at the end of the year she goes back and reflects upon her goals to see which ones she has accomplished and to reflect upon her growth as a person.  So here it goes…and being that I have OCD tendencies and a Type A Personality, I decided to break up my goals into 2 sections: Personal Goals and Business Goals.

Personal Goals:

  1. Live a healthier lifestyle=START EXERCISING!!!
  2. Try to find “more” of the positive in the negative.
  3. Try not to stress out so much over things that I can’t control or maybe just life in general…
  4. Continue to travel, because it makes me happier than happy and it’s healthy for you!!!
  5. Live life to the fullest, because you never know what tomorrow will bring you…

Business Goals:

  1. Learn how to do my GE Taxes (by myself)
  2. Build my clientele
  3. Continue to learn and grow in my photography skills, especially in the area of Newborn photography.
  4. Continue to be happy and content with my career choice
  5. “Trust your gut.  Ignore the naysayers.  Dream big, but hope for more.  Sprint toward what you want and don’t ever look back.  Ever.” – Jasmine Star

This image takes me a to happy place filled with good memories.  Brent and I were in Cinque Terre enjoying our vacation from our vacation.  This is an image of Manarola, Italia.


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