Confessions of a Small Business Owner VOL. I

Sooooooo I’ve been in business for a little less than 2 years now.  Life has been good and satisfactory, however I have had my own set of challenges.  Some of these challenges have been overcome and some are still on going.  Owning your own business is not easy, but it has its perks.  If you are doing something that you really and truly enjoy, then it can be fun and rewarding too.  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with the decisions I’ve made in my life and the road I chose to follow in regards to pursuing my passion of photography and starting my own business…but there have definitely been bumps in the road.

One of the challenges that I have faced while owning my own business is the financial challenge.  It took some getting used to in regards to not having a consistent source of income.  Ever since I started working at the age of 16 years old, I have always had a paycheck coming in twice a month.  That paycheck was always an amount I could calculate beforehand so I knew what to expect in regards to my finances.  Now, I don’t have a consistent source of income so it takes a little more thought when it comes to budgeting and spending.  By no means am I living the “good life” financially.  I definitely am going through one of my “poorer” stages in life.  Sometimes it’s frustrating because I am “X” years old and I don’t have much to show for myself financially…and I’m not really where I want to be financially, but I have to remember that I TOOK A RISK to follow my dreams, my passion and my heart.  Not having money is a consequence of the risk I took.  I’ve been very fortunate to have Brent by my side through all of this and although we have had our own ups and downs regarding my business, finances and life in general…in the end he has been there since day one to support me.  There are days when our disagreements and debates make me want to scream and cry…and there are days that I actually do scream and cry.  BUT the “BIG” picture is that he is still standing by my side.  He is still supporting me in all that I have done with business and all that I hope to do in the future.  Thank you Brent for pushing me towards achieving my goals and my aspirations.  Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

A positive way of looking at my life is that even though I may not be “rich” financially, I am rich in other ways—I am rich with family, rich with friends, rich in having the ability to own my own business, rich with wonderful clients, rich in developing relationships with wonderful vendors, rich in travels, rich in experiences and rich in life satisfaction.  Money isn’t everything and I never want money to make my world go ‘round.  I accept the reality that I need it to survive in this day in age, but I never ever ever want to forget this feeling of “not having” and working my bottom off to make a life for myself—a life that I am happy with and a life that I can be proud of when I look back in my elder years.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Side note: This is an old image of us at Disneyland…a very old image.  He’s such a good sport…love him!!!


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