Online Mentor: Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star, Jasmine Star, Jasmine Star…I LOVE her!!!  She is my all time favorite photographer in the whole wide world!!!

  • I love her photography.
  • I love her style.
  • I love her personality.
  • I love her ability to reach out to people all over the world.
  • I love her stories.
  • I love her style of writing.
  • I love her relationship that she has with her husband JD…they are just too cute!!!
  • I love her dog Polo because he’s so darn cute.
  • I love her ability to inspire people…she is definitely my inspiration!!!
  • I love her for being so open about her photography skills and her business.
  • I love her for posting FAQs and sharing her knowledge with the world.
  • I love her for putting herself out there, facing her fears and doing CreativeLIVE.  She shot a wedding live for the whole world to see.  Simultaneously, she shared with the world her skills and educated us about her methods of photography and business.
  • I love her personal life story and how she was able to rise above her challenges and be a successful person in love, photography, business and life.
  • I love her for keeping it real.
  • I love her for just being her.

Jasmine, thank you for being my inspiration.  Your words of wisdom have helped me to make one of the biggest decisions of my life—to chase my dreams and make them a reality.  Thank you for helping me to understand that it’s okay if I am not successful or things are not going the way I planned, because I’m learning.  I’m learning from the mistakes I make and how I can make things work the next time around.  I’m learning to take pride in my work and promote myself with confidence, because it’s okay to be me.  I’m what makes me ME!!!  Most importantly, I’m learning that it’s okay to fail, because at least I tried and that’s what really counts.  I am living life with no regrets, because life is too short to think about all the “what ifs.”

I find comfort and inspiration in all that you do and all that you say.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting yourself out there for the world to see, to learn from and to laugh with…you are a true gift to the world.  Thank you Jasmine Star!!!

In August, I attended Skip’s Summer School in Las Vegas.  The stars were aligned in my favor because I was already planning to be in Las Vegas for the wedding of my two good friends.  I found out about Skip’s Summer School from Jasmine’s blog and Facebook page.  She was going to be there and she was going to be speaking on the only day I could attend the conference.  It was meant to be.  I had to attend the conference and learn from my inspiration.  And if I was lucky, I would even get to meet her…and I did…and the best part was that she knew who I was because yes, people I blog-stalk her daily.  I cannot go a day without reading her blog.  I comment on both her blog and Facebook page…and she remembered my name!!!  How fabulous is that?!?!  I was shocked that she remembered me and I was in a pure state of “awe.”  I know, I know dorky right…but she is a SUPER STAR!!!  Love her!!!

Here we are at Skip’s Summer School…thanks Jasmine for taking the time out to take a photo with me!!!  Sorry my big head is blocking you/it looks like I’m knocking you over with it…whoops!!!  That’s what happens when you’re STARstruck!!!

Jasmine* - October 17, 2010 - 4:42 am

Oh, Minnnnndy, thank you SO much for making my day with this post! I wish you only the best as you follow your dreams! 🙂

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