Hungry Anyone?

So I had a little bit of down time today and decided to work on some of my images from my trip to Korea and Japan.  Since it’s been 4 months since we actually went, I’ve been itching to work on these images in between working on the business and subbing.  Life has been busy and hectic so it was nice to take a “break” for a bit and work on my own personal images…and I am very behind on editing my own personal images.  I still have to edit two bridal showers from last year (don’t worry they weren’t for clients, but sorry to Kris 2x for taking so long) and three trips.  Yikes!!!  It gives me stress just thinking about it, because I want the images to be edited and compiled into my photo books NOW!!!  The reality is that post-processing images and compiling them into photo books (the way I like them) takes a while so I just have to be patient yet focused so that I can persevere and finish the task(s).  Wish me luck…for my trip to Korea and Japan, I still have 1,293 more images to edit!!!  Then I have to compile 1,500+ into my photo books!!!  And that’s only one trip!!!  Hopefully I finish by the ending of this year…haha!!!

Here is a fun image I came across while editing…I am not sure what kind of insect this is, but they were selling it to eat.  Hungry anyone?!?!  Doesn’t it look appetizing?!?!  Yum!!!

* I got confirmation people!!!  It’s silkworms!!!  Thank you Jimin for educating me!!!

Happy Aloha Friday!!!

I would personally rather eat the kalbi in the pumpkin bowl.

Lee Ann - February 19, 2011 - 9:04 pm

I was hungry, but not anymore. The silkworms ruined my appetite for even kalbi in kabocha.

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