Families: The “Y” Family | Hawaii Family Photographer

The beautiful and fun “Y” Family is back!!!  I have to say that I just love the originality of the “Y” Family’s locations!!!  The last time I photographed them we went out on a boat to the sandbar in Kaneohe.  This time we went to their family friend’s private residence on the North Shore of Oahu.  There were some gorgeous backdrops here and their family friend has a breathtaking backyard!!!

It was 2 years ago that I last saw this beautiful family and my how the children have grown!!!  Saige has blossomed into a teenager and she has matured in looks—she no longer has that “little girl” look.  Tammy and Craig your little girl is growing up into a beautiful young woman!!!  Kai has matured also and is almost a teen himself!!!  I bet next time I see him, he’ll be taller than me and look even more mature too!!!  Little Kaz was a toddler the last time I saw him.  Now he is young boy and still as active as he was 2 years ago 🙂  Even though 2 years have gone by Saige and Kai are still loving and caring older siblings to Kaz.  They are such gentle souls who help out and watch over their little brother.  The three of them are so sweet together!!!

Thank you Craig, Tammy, Saige, Kai and Kaz for another fun shoot!!!  Thank you for all of your patience and being willing to hike a little for another scenic backdrop!!!  Take care and have a blessed 2013!!!

To view more images from The “Y” Family’s session, please click HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW!!!


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