Babies: Matthew | Hawaii Baby Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing this handsome little man recently.  Meet Matthew—he had just turned one around the time of his photo shoot.  He is probably the tallest and biggest one-year old I have ever photographed…maybe even met in my life 🙂  He is also one of the happiest and easy-going little guys too.  He is normally full of smiles…and he did give us a bunch of smiles that day, but he was also very observant.  It was so neat to watch him sit there and people watch.  He observed everything going on around us and was just taking it all in…this new place he had never been too before.  He was mesmerized.  He reminded me of his Aunty Mari who also loves to observe what’s going on around her and people watch 🙂

Mattie, also loves the ladies.  He is definitely a little ladies man 🙂  While we were photographing him in front of the big Christmas tree, some ladies came to coo over him and he just LOVED it.  He smiled and cracked up for them.  We captured pure adorableness from him while he flirted with the ladies 🙂

Thank you to Mattie’s mommy and daddy, Robyn and Ben, for being troopers as we traipsed around photographing their little man.  Thank you to Ben for chasing Mattie all around, playing with him and trying to make him laugh while he was people watching.  Thank you for a wonderful morning and for allowing me to capture this milestone in your lives!!!  Enjoy your images!!!  Have a wonderful and blessed 2013!!!

To view more images from Matthew’s session, please click HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW!!!


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