Custom-Designed Cards

So my first experience with Adobe Photoshop occurred a few years ago when I needed to make a “thank you” card for my Dad’s 60th birthday.  My friend Dawn helped me, because she was a pro at using Photoshop.  Thank you Dawn!!!  I really appreciate your patience and guidance with my first experiences of using Photoshop.

Everyone asks me if Photoshop is difficult to use and the answer is, “It can be.”  You can do gazillions of things with Photoshop…some simple and some difficult.  In the beginning, it was difficult because I had to learn how to use the different functions of Photoshop.  I took notes and had to go back and refer to them until I could remember the steps to different functions.  I also busied myself online and studied online tutorials.  To this day there are still gazillions of things I need to learn about using Photoshop.  I am not a Photoshop guru.  I can post-process my images using Photoshop and I can create custom-designed cards, which is what I am featuring on this post.

If you do a photography session with me you can use the images from your session to create a custom-designed card.  Cards can be created to for any occasion…birth announcements, baby update cards, invitations, holiday cards, thank you cards or just because cards.  I can design cards for anything that your heart desires.  If you’re interested in creating a custom-designed card using images from your photography session with me, email me at:

Here are a few samples of custom-designed cards that I created…enjoy!!!


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