Bucket List: Return to Africa

So I’ve been editing images today.  While I’ve been editing, I’ve been playing documentaries about Africa.  The first one is about the life of Nelson Mandela.  The second is about Malawi.  The documentaries have made me reminisce about my short time in Africa.  It is a beautiful place with beautiful people.  I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to visit not one, but two countries while I was in Africa—South Africa and Kenya.  One day I hope to make it back to Africa.  I definitely want to visit other countries in Africa, but I would also love to return to South Africa.  I know Brent has no desire to go with me, but I’m secretly hoping and crossing my fingers that I can twist his arm into accompanying me on my return to Africa.  One day I will be back…

Here are some images from my time in Africa.  You can read more about my time in Africa HERE.  You can view more images of my time in Africa HERE.


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