Busy, Busy, Busy

Life has been busy for me in many ways.  I have a number of photography sessions this month…yay!!!  A number of photography sessions also means I will be busy post-processing images.  I know that some wedding photogs use post-processing companies to post-process to save time and focus on photography, however I do not take nearly as many images as wedding photographers so I post-process myself.  I am also busy with keeping in contact with clients, researching new/needed equipment, designing custom cards, designing promo books and a sample album, bookkeeping, etc.

I also have a number of sub jobs too.  Teachers have been having a lot of workshops or need to take off for some reason or another so I have been getting called daily, multiple times a day for subbing jobs.  However, my photography business is my main focus and since I have been fortunate enough to have more shoots this month I have been declining substitute jobs.  Hopefully one day I will be able to work just  “one” job.

Life in general is busy too.  Social events are plentiful due to the holidays rolling around, family and friends flying in from out of town, birthdays, showers and just getting together with friends whom I haven’t seen in a while.  Life will be busy through December for me.

I know I wrote a post the other day about life bombarding me with lemons, which it has, but when I look at the bigger picture of my life…I am happy overall and I am eternally grateful for the doors that have opened for me this past year.  My family, in general, has gone through a lot this past year…2010 opened with a disastrous bang and the banging never stopped throughout the year.  However, there were many events that have been a blessing this year…the launching of my business being one of them.  So I am taking the advice told to me many a times and looking at the bigger picture of my busy, lemon-bombarded life and being grateful for it being what it is…lemons and all!!!  Opportunity does knock and when it does don’t be afraid to open the door and walk through…

Happy Hump Day!!!


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