Newborn: Kamakolu | Hawaii Newborn Photographer

After watching the birth of Kamakolu, I of course had to photograph him as a newborn!!!  I had to wait a bit, because Kamakolu’s face was bruised from moving through the birth canal to quickly.  So we wanted to wait until his beautiful face wasn’t purpley-red anymore.  He was also jaundiced…so we wanted that to pass too.

Kamakolu comes from a family who loves to surf and be out in the ocean so I wanted to take some newborn images of him on a surfboard.  One of my favorite images of him, which has also become one of my most popular images to use for my business cards, blog, website and Facebook fan page was taken on a surfboard.  He was a handsome little guy who gave us some smiles and made us crack up while I photographed him.

Thank you again Kanani, Ryan, Mana and Kawika for allowing me into your home and photographing the newest member of your ohana.  I enjoyed spending the day with you guys and can’t wait to hang out again!!!

The cocoon featured above is made by Jennifer from All Things Belle.  You can visit her Etsy shop by clicking HERE.  The cocoon featured below was made by my sister Lee Ann.  You can see more of her craftiness HERE.
Love the next series…we had Kamakolu near the door for some natural light and a gust of wind came…he looked up, and then snuggled down into the cocoon.  It was soooooo cute!!!


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