The Bug is Bugging Me

There are some days when I get that little bug in me.  The bug to travel.  I LOVE traveling.  Love.  Lately I’ve been getting the bug to travel.  I think it’s because it’s spring break and so many people are away on trips.  My Aunty and Uncle just came home from my favorite city, Paris.  My two sisters are in Asia right now (different locations).  My friend’s son just headed off to the East Coast.  My other friend just came home from diving in Palau.  And where am I?!?!  I am still here at home.  I am definitely getting antsy.  Well at least I will be traveling later this year for both work and pleasure…so yay!!!  I have something to look forward too.  But I still have the itch to go right now…haha!!!

And of course I had to post another travel image.  This one was taken at the A-ma Temple in Macau.  A tribute to my sisters traveling in Asia right now.  I am so envious of them, but I am very happy that they finally ventured off out of the country…:) Traveling to a foreign country is definitely something that I highly, highly recommend.  If you haven’t been outside of the U.S.A. go and DO IT!!!  Get out of the U.S.A. and see what else is out there, because there is a WHOLE BIG WORLD out there and so much to see, learn and do!!!

Happy Aloha Friday!!!


Pinky - March 21, 2011 - 10:02 pm

I wanna come! haha, i love the shot!

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