Newborns: Rylan | Hawaii Newborn Photographer

As I mentioned in Rylan’s sneak peek, this little cherub belongs to a very good friend of mine. He is absolutely adorable and I loved working with him!!! His mama, Robyn made sure that he was well fed and suuuuuper sleepy!!! He just slept and slept as I photographed him, changed his hats, changed his positions, etc. I just love that he was a bigger baby-at birth he weighed in at 9 pounds!!! Since he was bigger he has those nice beautiful folds in his images. His cheeks are adorably plump and they make you want to reach into the images and squeeze them!!! And those lips!!! Did you see how beautifully plump his little red lips are?!?! Sooooooo cute!!!

Thank you Robyn, Kevin and Shaelyn for inviting me into your home and having me photograph the newest little addition to your family!!! I enjoyed my day with all of you and I had the grandest time photographing your little man!!! Thank you for all of your hospitality!!! I cannot wait to watch your little man grow up!!! I hope you enjoy your images as much as I enjoyed capturing them!!!

To view images from Rylan’s newborn shoot, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!!!

Iris - August 19, 2011 - 7:57 pm

Rylan is so cute! Ms. Hashizaki was my 5th grade teacher back in Kalihi-Waena and I was her first graduating High school class. Lots of people were amazed when I replied “i’m going back to hawaii to visit my 5th grade teachers newborn son.” I guess not alot of people keep in touch with the people that really matter the most. 😀

I’m hoping when I go back again I’ll have more time to spend with the kiddies 😉


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