Newborns: Ezekiel | Hawaii Newborn Photographer

This little bub was a tiny little guy.  Probably one of the tiniest babes I’ve worked with so far.  For a tiny little thing, he sure was strong!!!  As his daddy said, “He’s five pounds of muscle!”  I love how tiny he was and how cute he looks all curled up!!!  Ahhhh, the sweetness of newborn babes.  I adore their little folds of skin and the newborn downlike-hair on their arms.  Ezekiel was such a joy to work with and photograph.

Funny story…in the middle of our session, Ezekiel woke up to feed.  After feeding he took a while to fall back asleep so I took advantage of the opportunity to photograph some images of Ezekiel awake.  While he was lying down, he was constantly moving and looking all around.  He was so strong he would move himself from lying parallel to me, to lying perpendicular to me.  He was giving me some “serious” facial expressions.  Towards the ending of his “awake” time I said, “C’mon Ezekiel, give Aunty a smile…” and this is the expression he gave me immediately after I said it!!!  Too funny, I feel like he’s thinking, “Okay Aunty here’s a half-smile, now get that big black thing out of my face!!!”  Haha!!!  Too cute!!!

Thank you to Ness and Ryker for a wonderful day!!!  I enjoyed my time with your beautiful new family and working with your little muscle man!!!  I hope you enjoy your images as much as I enjoyed capturing them!!!

To view more images from Ezekiel’s newborn shoot, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!!!


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