Natural Lighting

I am a photographer who adores natural lighting.  If I could photograph absolutely everything without a flash, then I would.  There are times when I do use my flash, but I wait until the absolute last possible moment to throw my flash on my camera.  There is just something about the “look” of natural lighting that I personally prefer, therefore, it’s what I lean towards when I photograph people, plants, animals and other wonderful things.  Here are a few examples of images that I shot using natural lighting.  Others may have opted to use a flash, but I opted to pump up my ISO, open up my aperture and slow down my shutter speed for the images below.

f/1.2 1/60 50 mm-1.2 ISO 400

f/2.0 1/50 50 mm-1.2 ISO 1600

f/2.8 1/160 100 mm-2.8 ISO 1250

For all of my photography sessions, I only use natural lighting.  So if you prefer the “look” of flash or off-camera flash, unfortunately I am not the photographer for you.  There are many talented photographers in the islands that rock using a flash or off-camera flash so you will most definitely find one that suits your wants and needs.  If you love the “look” of natural lighting and you have an interest in my photography work then I hope I will hear from you one day!!!



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