Lucky We Live Hawaii

Being a photographer I’m constantly reminded of that saying, “Lucky we live Hawaii.”  I just adore living here…yes it’s expensive, yes it’s frustrating trying to get items shipped here, yes we are behind when it comes to new trends, yes we move at a slower more relaxed pace…BUT it’s oh so beautiful here and I wouldn’t trade living here for the world.  I LOVE to travel, but coming home to Hawaii each time is PRICELESS.  Love the islands.  Love the way of life.  Love my home.

Lucky we live Hawaii!!!  Happy Aloha Friday!!!

I can’t decide which I like better for the image below…color or black and white.  The whole feel of the image changes in black and white…I love them both.

Judy - March 1, 2012 - 10:54 pm

Beautiful images! I just discovered you on Facebook. So jealous! Love the black and white images. The last one under the dock is amazing! Where is that dock? We lived on Oahu for three years and I don’t remember seeing an amazing doc like that!

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