Bucket List: Gorilla Trekking

So I think I’m going to be starting a new “segment” in my blogging.  Along with “Quote of the Days,” I’m going to start blogging about things on my “Bucket List.”  I don’t have an official list, but blogging seems like a great way to get my list started…and hopefully I will be able to do some of these activities/visit some of these places once in my lifetime.  These activities and/or places to see will be shared in no particular order.

So one of the activities I’ve wanted to do for a while is Gorilla Trekking.  I really, really, really want to go Gorilla Trekking, but…

  1. It’s expensive to go Gorilla Trekking and it’s expensive to get to Africa.
  2. Brent is not too interested in joining me on this adventure…I have to figure out a way to twist his arm into going Gorilla Trekking.
  3. I’m definitely out of shape and I’m a little nervous about how much walking/hiking I’ll be doing…although if I actually book a trip, then I would it make more of a point to get in shape.
  4. I’m a little nervous about seeing these magnificent creatures in the wild…but that’s part of the beauty of it right…seeing animals in their natural habitats.

Hopefully one day I’ll get there…and hopefully I won’t be too old to walk/hike in the jungles of the Congo!!!

Image is from: http://www.naturalhighsafaris.com/browse/experience/gorilla_trekking_in_uganda_or_rwanda

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Image is from: http://www.kariburwanda.com/directory/tourist-attractions/rwanda-safaris/gorillas-trek-twice-gtt-4days-/recommend.html

Image is from: http://www.africasafariadventures.blog.com/


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