Best of Friends and SASers for Life

So while I was away I had the pleasure of meeting this little guy!!!  His name is Noah and he belongs to my fabulous friend Alia.  Alia and I met 11 years ago while we sailed around the world together on Semester at Sea.  We instantly bonded and became the best of buddies.  We hung out ALL the time!!!  We laughed and “talked story” until the wee hours of the morning.  We visited different countries together.  She was my buddy and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet her and develop a strong friendship with her.

Fast forward 11 years, my Alia is now a mama!!!  I was so happy and excited to find out that she was expecting!!!  Then when I heard she gave birth, I was even more excited!!!  I knew I was going to be in her neighborhood soon so I made sure to leave time to visit with her and her new babe.

Look at him and his smiley little face!!!  Aren’t those chubby cheeks and eyes sooooooo adorable?!?!  They just melt your heart!!!  I just adored my time holding him, snuggling with him and watching him smile!!!  He is just perfect in every way!!!

Thank you Alia for having us over to visit with the new little dude in your life.  Thank you for being so hospitable and sweet as always!!!  It was so great seeing you again and catching up with each other.  And you’re so right, we always just pick up from where we left off and it’s like we were just sailing around the world on a ship yesterday!!! Thank you Elroy for letting us girls invade your house and just jabber away all afternoon.  Thank you Emiko for coming out to see me too!!!  Thank you for baking me a donut cake too!!!  You’re the best!!!  I enjoyed spending time with all of you!!!  I’m so blessed to have wonderful friends like you!!!  Until the next time!!!  Big hugs and smooches!!


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