Babies: Mister B | Hawaii Baby Photographer

Mister B is back with his big sister Miss L!!!  They were back for Mister B’s 6-month session!!!  You might remember him from his 3-months session, which you can view HERE.  At his 3-months session, Mister B was already a very strong babe—holding himself up during tummy time and sitting for short periods of time on his own.  I was excited to see what he was able to do at 6-months.

GUESS WHAT?!?!  Mister B is MOBILE!!!  He was all over the place!!!  I loved capturing images of him scooting, crawling, hoisting himself up and standing with support.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—I just find it so AMAZING to watch babies grow and develop.  I love watching how they go from just lying there, to holding up their heads, sitting, crawling, standing and eventually walking.  It is so fun to me!!!  And I “heart” that I can capture these types of images for families like Mister B’s to treasure forever.

Miss L joined us for a longer period of time for this session too so we were able to capture adorable images of Miss L and her brother together!!!  I especially adore the one of Mister B crawling to Miss L and their heads are together.  She was talking to him and he was loving it 🙂  Sibling images warm my heart too 🙂  Love them!!!

Thank you to Mister B, Miss L, Mommy and Daddy for a wonderful morning together!!!  It was so great to see you all again!!!  Thank you to Mommy and Daddy for choosing me to capture these priceless images of your kiddies together!!!  I appreciate your love and support!!!

To view more images from Mister B’s session, please click HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW!!!


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