Are You Behind?

I am a photographer and I edit images for clients.  However, when it comes to my own images I am sooooooooooo behind.  I have images to edit from events like wedding, parties, birthdays and other miscellaneous things in my life.   And then for the BIG DOOZY…I am so behind on editing all of my traveling…ugh it drives me crazy because in the back of my mind I know I have to do it…well I don’t have to but I WANT too!!!  It’s the OCD in me…I WANT to edit my images.  I love editing my images from my travels and making them into wonderful photo books.  That’s my new thing is making photo books rather than printing out individual images and putting them in photo albums.  I personally feel like photo books are so much more pleasing to the eye.  I create these books for my own personal memories…and it almost feels like a travel book that I would buy, but the difference is it’s my story of my travels.  As many of you know, traveling is a passion for me so creating each book is a work of art and passion.  The only problem is-it is TIME CONSUMING…and I feel like the older I get the less time I have…or maybe I just have to reprioritize?!?!   I tried making a schedule for my own personal editing.  I took the time to sit down and comb through images for 3 trips and I scheduled them into days.  Each day I would edit between 10-15 images.  That beautifully made schedule is sitting in a manila folder waiting to be attacked…now if only I could start!!!  Haha!!!  Oh well…maybe I will start soon.  I hope so…because I really want to make my travel photo books!!!  Now to just find the time!!!

Happy Thursday!!!

Kristen - January 27, 2012 - 8:58 am

I’m in the same boat as you! Since you’ve introduced me to photo books, I’d much rather create those than print individual pics. Starting with Treyton, I’ve decided to create one photo book a year to remember our family’s special moments. This far, I’ve done ONE book, Treyton’s first year. He is now FIVE! Where does the time go, and how am I ever going to catch up on these books?!?!?!

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