A Favorite Artist: Kat Reeder

From the moment I laid eyes on the print below, I’ve wanted it to be mine.  I love everything about it-the colors used, the beautiful girl, the creativeness with her t-shirt and the Japanese flag, the heart created by her hands, etc.  The best part was that this print was created due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan last year.  A portion of the proceeds for this print is donated to aide in Japan’s rebuilding efforts.   How fabulous is that?!?!  If I purchase one, I get an art piece that I love and I’m helping in Japan’s relief efforts!!!

I would often visit Kat Reeder’s website and I would watch the availability of this piece (because it’s a limited edition print).  The reality was that because I’ve started my own business and a lot of the money I earn from my business goes right back into my business, as well as paying those dreaded bills every month=NO MONEY FOR EXTRA THINGS SUCH AS ART PIECES.  To my dismay when I checked up on the print at the end of November/beginning December, this is what I saw “SOLD OUT.”  I was bummed.  I had waited toooooo long to purchase the print, because I just couldn’t get the funds together.  I had too many bills to pay and that takes precedence over art pieces that I desire.

In the beginning of December I decided that I was going to contact Kat Reeder.  Why?  I am not sure…I guess it’s because I wanted to express to her that I really, really, really loved her art piece and that I was bummed that I missed out on owning one.  I knew it was my own fault, but I guess I just wanted share my adoration for her work.  I asked her to let me know if she ever planned on releasing another set of limited edition prints.  If she did, then I would try my darndest to get my hands on one the second time around…and guess what?!?!  To my delight, she emailed me back to inform me that there have been a lot of requests for that art piece and she would be re-releasing another set of limited edition prints in a slightly larger size.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  It was my lucky day!!!

Then I started trying to figure out how I was going to own one of these fabulous art pieces…I brainstormed for a bit…and then it dawned on my, “DUH!!!  IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!”  So I asked my LOVING and VERY GENEROUS boyfriend if he would consider getting it for me for my Christmas and/or birthday present (since that was coming up soon too).  After giving me a slightly hard time  just for his own personal amusement, he agreed to purchase the print for me for Christmas!!!  Yippee!!!  So now I can say that I am the proud owner of Kat Reeder’s “Aloha for Japan” limited edition canvas gallery wrap!!!  She is hanging in my home…and I love looking at her daily.

Thank you Brent for purchasing a beautiful and perfect art piece for me.  You made my heart happy and I think it’s a fabulous edition for our new home together.  Thank you for also taking me to The Greenroom for Kat’s art show and supporting my love of art!!!  You’re the best!!!

Thank you Kat for being so warm and friendly.  Thank you for letting me know about your re-release!!!  I am just so happy that everything worked out wonderfully!!!  It was great meeting you last week too!!!  Kat’s art is on display and for sale at The Greenroom in Waikiki.  She had an art show there last week Friday, which Brent and I attended so I could check out her new art pieces and meet Kat!!! 🙂

You can view more of Kat Reeder’s work HERE.  Enjoy!!!  She does beautiful work!!!  I have my eye on another one of her pieces.  I’ll let you all know when I get that one…hee-hee!!!

Mindy Metivier - January 10, 2012 - 5:43 pm

Sonya!!! I know you’ll fall in love with her work!!! 🙂

sonya - January 10, 2012 - 4:18 pm

Mindy! that piece is awesome!! i’m gonna go check out her other stuff!

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