Travel: Mykonos, Greece

Well we were finally on our way to Mykonos, our first visit to a Greek island!!! I couldn’t wait, because I was looking forward to some “island life!!!” Mykonos was VERY WHITE and BRIGHT!!! Being from an island, I was expecting some nice tropical weather, but the islands in Greece are a little more desert-like…hot and dry. The plant and animal life were different too. The lizards in Mykonos were HUGE in my book and they looked like the kind of lizards I’m used to seeing in the zoo!!! They scared the beejeezus out of me as we walked from our hotel down to the center of town.

In Mykonos, we walked around the maze of the town, got lost, visited the famous windmills, ate, people-watched, shopped and enjoyed the scenery of beautiful Mykonos. On one of our days, we also took a half-day trip to Delos. Delos is another huge archeological site in Greece. This little Greek island is considered to be sacred and was home to gods. No one inhabits Delos now, except for archeologists. They say the light on Delos is different and that was a unique quality of Delos that set it apart from the other islands. I wondered how the in the world could people tell that the light was different on Delos as compared to Mykonos or other islands nearby. Well let me tell you, the light is definitely different. I could tell because of my skin!!! I wore sunscreen, but still…that day on Delos, I got the burnt!!! It’s like the sunlight on Delos was stronger and brighter!!! It was strange, because my skin never felt like that after being in the sun all over the mainland of Greece…nor would it feel like that when I went to Santorini. Crazy right?!?!

Well I hope you enjoy my images of Mykonos below.  I didn’t post any images of Delos yet because I have so many images that I want to share from Mykonos so check back soon for more images of Mykonos and Delos!!!

Mindy Metivier - September 7, 2011 - 11:54 am

Yes, that’s the lobby/waiting room area of our hotel.

twiggee78 - September 7, 2011 - 10:15 am

i LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the bright colors against the white of the city!!! it’s absolutely GORGEOUS!!! and is that a hotel that mari is sitting in??? BEAUTIFUL!

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