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I recently had the pleasure of photographing these beautiful boys again!!!  Do you remember this little guy?  My famous little pea in a pod?!?!  Well here he is all grown up!!!  He is now 1 year old!!!  Can you believe how quickly time flew by!!!  It feels like only yesterday I was watching him being born and then photographing him as a newborn!!!  Now he is one!!!  Wow!!!

We went around Haleiwa town to photograph these handsome brothers.  Mana is the eldest and such a sweet, caring and cooperative boy.  Kawika is the middle child.  He is such a ham with so much charm!!!  Does he look like he’s a rascal in some of these images?!?!  He can soooo be a rascal!!!  And little Kamakolu…he’s such a happy little babe.  It’s so heart-warming to watch him and his brothers interact with each other.  You can tell that Kamakolu just adores his brothers and that his brothers just adore him too.

Kanani and Ryan you have such beautiful children!!!  Thank you so much for setting up this wonderful photo shoot to capture Kamakolu reaching another milestone in his life!!!  I loved working with your older two boys…they made me crack up all afternoon!!!  It was great to see you guys again and too catch up!!!  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them!!

Love his curls!!!

Yes, he’s going to break some hearts when he gets older…

Happy baby!!!

I love how he was so willing to try different poses!!!

He’s growing curls…just like Mana!!!  So adorable!!!

Love sibling shots that document the “love!!!”


To view more of the “B” Family’s photo shoot, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!!!


Lee Ann - April 5, 2011 - 7:38 pm

The littlest one looks just liked mommy! Same cheerful smile!

twiggee78 - March 26, 2011 - 10:09 am

<3 it sister!!! you do such a MAGNIFICENT job of capturing the LOVE between siblings!!! i could feel the fun and the laughter in all of your photos… :oD. you are truly skilled at what you do and i am so so so happy that you decided to chase after your dreams. it was definitely the right path… :o).

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