Newborns: Payton | Hawaii Newborn Photographer

Meet Payton!!!  At the time of his shoot he was nearly 9 lbs. of love to work with and photograph!!!  I haven’t worked with a baby as big as him for a while so it was fun for me to pose him, see his rolls and chubby cheeks!!!  Chubby cheeks and little pouts get me all the time!!!  I just fall in love with photographing those cheeks and full lips.  I get so excited when I’m working too!!!

His eye contact was amazing!!!  A lot of time little babes will look at me, but they’re also constantly looking at other things that catch their eye.  Not, Payton.  He stared at me the WHOLE time.  His eyes pretty much stayed locked on me and he followed me too.  I walked to the left, kind of behind him and he followed me, trying to turn his head.  Then I walked to the right and he followed me!!!  I was captivated by his amazing eye contact.  He actually made it quite easy to photograph him with his eyes open 🙂

Kristen and Jimmy!!!  Thank you for a wonderful day with your little man!!!  He was a joy to work with and photograph!!!  I’m loving the images we captured of him!!!  He is such a little darling!!!  Enjoy your images!!!

Mom wanted him to be photographed with this beautiful jadeite piece from his Aunty.  It can be either worn on baby’s ankle or wrist, although the ankle is probably safer for now since they won’t chew on their ankles and accidentally eat their bracelet.

To view more images from Payton’s session, please click HERE!!!


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