Newborns: Misa | Hawaii Newborn Photographer

Hello world.  Meet Misa!!!  She was such a joy to work with and photograph.  She was a tiny, tiny little babe, but boy did she have an appetite!!!  She was a hungry, hungry little girl  🙂  She definitely has good metabolism 🙂

While I am working with each newborn I take into consideration that each baby is different.  Some of them are deep sleepers, others are light sleepers.  Some of them don’t mind being touched and posed, others are more sensitive to touch in certain areas—like they don’t like their hands being touched or the feet being touched and then there are others who just don’t like being touched period.  There are some who like being a curled up into little balls of squishiness and other who like to be spread out.  Each and every babe is different.  They let me know what they like and what they don’t like.  On that note, little Misa preferred not to be on her tummy for too long.  She loved being all curled up and she loved lying on her back.  She was so relaxed on her back and she snoozed and snoozed and snoozed.  She is absolutely adorable and she rocked the different newborn poses!!!  I managed to get her into the Froggy pose as well and she nailed it!!!  Yay for Misa!!!

Thank you to Misa’s mommy and daddy, Kristy and Lee for a wonderful day!!!  Thank you for choosing me to be your newborn photographer and capturing this special moment in your lives!!!  Enjoy your images!!!  Happy Holidays!!!

To view more images from Misa’s session, please click HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW!!!


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