Newborns: Duke | Hawaii Newborn Photographer

Meet Duke!!!  What a handsome little babe isn’t he?!?!  I was so excited to meet and photograph Duke for his mommy and daddy!!!  Duke’s mommy and daddy love red and black.  He is my first newborn that I’ve ever photographed on a red backdrop so I was pretty eager for his newborn shoot!!!  I think Duke looks fabulous on red!!!  The red is so striking and vibrant!!!  I love it and it’s perfect for the holidays!!!

Newborns on black are always yummy too!!!  The black backdrop is also very striking and very classic.  I love the images we were able to capture of Duke on the black backdrop!!!  What a cutie!!!

This series was cute too…I was waiting for Duke to fall into a deeper sleep.  He’s not posed, but he started smiling so of course I had to photograph his cute little smile.

Then he opened one eye to check if I was still there…yes, baby Duke I’m still here with my big, black camera staring right at you.

And who can resist this big, happy smile?!?!  Love it!!!

Thank you Shad and Tara for a wonderful day!!!  I was so excited to finally meet both of you!!!  I enjoyed our time together and I can’t wait to see your family again!!!  Happy Holidays!!!

To view more images of Duke’s newborn shoot, please CLICK HERE for a slideshow!!!


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