Farewell Our Matriarch

My family recently lost the matriarch of our extended family.  Aunty Roz, as we all called her, was the eldest sister of my paternal grandmother.  She was also the eldest of ten siblings.  She was an independent, hard-working, crafty and sweet woman.

She was very, very, very well traveled.  From a young age, she was my inspiration.  I wanted to travel the world as she did.  I wanted to see the things she saw.  I wanted to experience the many things she experienced.  As I got older, I too started to travel the world.  When I saw her at family get-togethers we would sit and swap travel stories.  She would ask me if I was able to do this or see that.  Sometimes she would take out photo albums to show me her travels.  At one time, she gave me a bunch of her loose coins from her travels.  I guess they were from places that she was not planning to return to so she wanted me to take them in case I ever went there.  I still have most of them.  I’ve used some.  The coins I haven’t used are sitting and waiting for me to take them back to their countries.   I will get there one day Aunty!!!  Thank you for sharing them with me!!!

When she downsized her home, she also gave me 3 large binders full of slides.  These slides are images from her travels around the world.  I have yet to look at them, because they are on slides and…well I don’t have a slide projector.  I really should get them all scanned and turn them into digital files.  I will soon.

Aunty Roz, you are greatly missed.  Family get-togethers will not be the same without you.  I’m glad I got to visit with you the day before you passed.  We love you and we know that you are at peace up in heaven.  Travel the heavens far and wide.  When we meet again, you can tell me all about where you’ve been and where I should go.  Maybe next time we’ll finally get to travel together!!!  We love you Aunty!!!

Here’s Aunty Roz with all of her siblings.  We were on Kauai for our family reunion.
Here we are at Waimea River.  We were on a scavenger hunt around Waimea town.
Here is another sibling picture-missing the three siblings that don’t live in Hawaii.

Lee Ann - July 13, 2011 - 9:18 pm

I’m always going to remember going to Auntie’s house for New Year’s Day. I love to lay on her fake sheepskin rug!

Michele Metivier - July 13, 2011 - 7:26 pm

Nice post, Mindo. And great pics, as always. Aunty had given me some of the fabric that was in the last pic you posted. I didn’t know she had made something with it. That was a nice connection to make. We’re lucky to have so many strong women in our lives. Aunty definitely led the way! Hugs, Aunty M

Ann Taniguchi - July 13, 2011 - 10:04 am

Thanks for sharing this, Mindy! You always take such great photos, and you got some nice ones of my dad with his big sister. -Ann

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