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I had the recent pleasure of photographing this beautiful family of three generations!!!  I love when grandparents join in on a photo shoot too!!!  I have a special place in my heart for grandmas and grandpas!!! 🙂

Meet The “ST” Family!!!  They gathered together to celebrate Miss Selah’s first birthday!!!  Selah is definitely the apple of this family’s eye.  She brings a smile to everyone’s face when they’re around her and she is just too adorable!!!  She was full of smiles on the day of our shoot and I loved capturing those smiles for her family!!!

In celebration of Selah’s first birthday, we did a cake smash!!!  I always find it so fascinating and entertaining to watch little babes do a cake smash.  It’s neat to watch each of them interact differently with the cake…some of them like it and some of them don’t.  Some of them think it’s fun to eat and some have no interest in eating it at all.  I love watching them feel the cake and the frosting in their little hands—watching a child explore new things is always so fun to see!!!  Watching Selah explore her piece of cake was entertaining too!!!  She touched it, broke it apart, put it on herself, tasted it and laughed with delight. 🙂

Thank you to The “ST” Family for a wonderful morning!!!  I had a ton of fun capturing this very special moment in your lives!!!  Thank you Alison for setting up the shoot for your family!!!  I’m so happy that we finally got to meet after many conversations!!!  It’s always so wonderful to meet my clients in person after I’ve been talking to them on the phone or via email for months 🙂  Thank you for being such a sweet and loving family!!!  Enjoy your images!!!

We started the shoot off with some family portraits…some candid and some posed.

I love this series…I love that I caught the interaction between Grandpa and Selah…so adorable!!!

To view more images from The “ST” Family’s session, please click HERE!!!


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