Families: The “L” Family | Hawaii Family Photographer

Look who else is turning ONE soon!!!  Landon blessed his parents’ lives almost a year ago!!!  Now he is an active little guy who loves crawling around!!!  He was so quick too!!!  His mommy and daddy would put him on one end of lawn and he would speed race over to me on all fours!!!

My wooden bench is probably my most requested prop for children of Landon’s age.  We got some great shots of him sitting on the wooden bench even if his interest in the bench was short and sweet.  He wanted to cruise around the bench or crawl on the grass instead!!!  With babies of this age, I just go with the flow because they have a mind of their own 🙂

My favorite shots are of Landon with his mommy and daddy!!!  The love and joy this family shares is evident in the shots with his mommy and daddy!!!  Thank you Nancy and Gordon for a wonderful afternoon with your family!!!  I enjoyed getting to know your family and capturing these images filled with love!!!

To view more images from The “L” Family’s shoot, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!!!


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