Children: Rynn | Hawaii Baby Photographer

Do you remember this little cherub?!?!

Her name is Rynn and she belongs to my best friend, Jen.  She is so lovable and huggable.  Isn’t she such a happy little thing?!?!  I love her big, big eyes and how they turn into almost half-moons when she cracks up—just like her mama!!!  I love how she scrunches up her nose too!!!

Well she’s going to be ONE soon and it was time for another photo shoot!!!  Look at how much she’s grown!!!  It is amazing how fast babies grow…especially when they are so near and dear to your heart.  Jen trusts me so she let me pick out Rynn’s outfit and hair accessories.  Melo, my other best friend and Jen’s sister, doubted my choices—she said she had to wait and see what it looked like on Rynn before she could decide if she liked the outfit and hair accessories.  I think the outfit and hair accessories turned out pretty darn cute…don’t you?!?!

Thank you Melo for coming out so early in the morning to make your niece crack up and smile!!!  Thank you Jen-Girl for having trust in my fashion sense and for allowing me to photograph your baby girl as she nears another milestone in her life!!!

My Rynn-Girl you’re growing up so fast…too fast!!!  Aunty loves you and wishes you a happy, happy birthday!!!  May all your hopes and dreams come true in all that you do!!!

Melody - October 25, 2010 - 6:28 pm

OMG! She is sooooo cute.

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