Brothers & Sisters

On Sunday nights my mom and I have a weekly ritual—we watch Brothers & Sisters together.  For one hour we laugh together, cry together and gasp in shock with each other.  During commercials we talk story and catch up with each others’ lives or we run around to do errands such as using the bathroom, cleaning up the kitchen or checking on a load of laundry.

I first began watching Brothers & Sisters a few years ago.  I was on one of my seasonal breaks from teaching and I found Brothers & Sisters online at  I was enticed by the fact that the whole season was available for me to watch.  A whole season?!?!  This will definitely occupy my time.  And so for few days or a week I was glued to this show.  I must have been on summer break because the whole season was available and Season 2 was going to premiere in the Fall.  Anyways, I fell in love with the show!!!  So when Season 2 premiered I begged my mom to let me watch this show.  Yes, you read correctly, I have to beg to watch the television at my parent’s house because all the televisions are spoken for and everyone has his/her weekly shows that he/she watches.  Fortunately, my mom was in a good mood that night because she agreed to let me watch this ONE show.  A few years later we are still watching Brothers & Sisters together every Sunday and loving every moment of our one hour together!!!  In fact, I love the show so much that I signed up for text alerts to remind me when new episodes will be on…yes, I know DORK right…we all have our moments!!!

My mom and me at Washington Monument in Washington D.C.  A couple of years ago, we took a trip together to visit family on the East Coast and see the Fall colors.


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